The First Real Challenge

Countdown 56 days, 23 hours. 

Church, paperwork, reception-done, done, and done. Photographer, DJ- booked. My gown, bought! Guest list and cake-done and done. Rehearsal dinner-booked! So far, we've got most of the big items out of the way. Surprisingly, these were fairly easy decisions to make. What I thought was the easiest and most fun one though, turned out to be the most tedious and difficult one: The INVITATION.

I thought that when we decided to go digital it would be easier and less stressful because we won't have to worry about the right color, the texture, proofs, mail merges, addresses, seals, and stamps. We wouldn't have to worry about sending it way in advance. And, we would be helping in saving the planet. A digital invite would only require creativity, skill, e-mail addresses, and the send button--yeah, it should be that easy right?

Little did I know that I'm really not that skilled! Creating a digital invite, specially the one that I have in my head is not so easy after all. It's clear in my head but executing what's floating around up in my head is a little challenging. Thanks to Stephani Becerra, a very talented artist, I'm hopefully on my way to realising this idea. But for those of you who need to plan yesterday, please visit ana-joe.com for all relevant information about our wedding

P.S. Below is my inspiration for creating this digital invite. It may not be as smooth and flowing as this video by Ryan Woodward, but I hope we can get it close to that.

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